The Uncredible Shrinking Man


In a tight-run race for the May Elections, Labour’s best chance of success was to take votes from disillusioned Lib Dem voters. But to do that, we’d need to tackle a wider disenchantment with party politics. So we set out to create a party political broadcast that ordinary people would – shock horror! – actually watch and talk about.

The result was The Uncredible Shrinking Man – a pastiche of the ‘50s sci-fi movie, but this time starring Nick Clegg as the guy who shrank along with his promises. The film was the most talked-about political broadcast of recent times and we were both congratulated for our ingenuity and accused of inciting class war. In the end, the voters had the final verdict, with
Labour boosting their seats by 18%, the Tories losing 7% of theirs and the LibDems annihilated (down 42%).