T-shirt cannon

Yes!!!! The footie season is back.  No more weekend shopping trips.  No more failed attempts at DIY. No more stilted
conversations about “the Greek situation”, unless you’re talking about your new left back from Olympiakos.

This season, the spirit of generosity is in the air (how else do you explain Man City shelling out £49M for Raheem Sterling?) and we want to
show the punters we care too. To celebrate, uncle Paddy is going to give them a love shower they’ll never forget with a new campaign using
the line  “You’re welcome!” The campaign is designed to showcase all our offers and products with more noise and mischief than ever before.

Our new TV spot is set outside a stadium full of passionate fans (probably not the Emirates, then).  
We’re going to give away football shirts with ouroffers printed on them, but we’re not just handing them out. Oh no. 

We’re going to fire them out of our very own, 26-barrel, high-powered cannon.  Boom!  Watch as our big gun fires off its missile messages. 
Bang!  Rejoice as we go ballistic with our ballistics.  Splat!  Celebrate as we cause a bit of collateral damage with our friendly fire. Who
cares about serious injury or a ruined livelihood when there are offers like these to be had, right?  “Thank you, Paddy Power!” they say? 

You’re Welcome!