You can make it

OK.  We know you're busy, so we'll keep this short.  Pot Noodle is the UK's number 1 instant hot snack.  It's also one of Britain's most iconic brands. 
But over the years, it had become associated with Slacker culture. While this had worked brilliantly for previous generations, it was out of touch
with today's 18-24s. So we flipped its key brand benefit - simplicity - so that it appealed to today's go-getters. We launched with a spot about a
young lad who dreams of success in the boxing ring. 

The Pot Noodle 'Ring lad' became a proper internet celebrity. So we sent him to the O2 stadium to keep smashing gender stereotypes. You go, ring lad.


Even the guy who made the soundtrack made it.  Young artist Raylo was snapped up by a major record label and we created his debut video. Just goes to show you can do anything with a positive attitude.