In football terms this was a chip from the halfway line:an audacious attempt with only limited chances of success, but worth a shot because the keeper had come out too far, right? And what a shot we had!

In this case, the keeper of all things FIFA (Sepp Blatter) had certainly gone too far, too often - and fans across the world were clamouring for his removal.  But the organisation's notorious bureaucracy made it virtually impossible for an outsider to stand.

Spotting an opportunity to change the game for the better, Paddy Power teamed up with reform group Change FIFA to back a shock bid from footballing legend David Ginola.  Together, we launched Team Ginola, with a manifesto based on Transparency, Integrity and Equality - and specific, radical policies for each.

It's fair to say the traditional sporting press didn't like our challenge to the status quo (OK, they hated it).  But there was a wave of support from fans all over the world - and tens of millions of supportive Twitter impressions  We even managed to unite arch-rivals Piers Morgan and Alan Sugar in support of the cause.

So, although our bid ultimately failed to get the 5 nominations required from FIFA members, a groundswell has started and it now looks like some of our proposals will be picked up by others.

Put it this way, we rattled Blatter's crossbar and while our aim might not have been perfect, we don't regret taking a shot.